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Ever been out grocery shopping, but new you had to do something on the way home, so you couldn't cause the cold stuff would go off. Well now you don't need to worry.

Mobicool from the guys at Waeco is a great solution, it folds up and stows away in the boot, but when you need it, it can expand to hold 32L of cool stuff.

Now that's smart thinking, heading out camping, it will keep your tinnies cold as well.

Now if you're out camping and you're the one that is hot, how about a rechargeable USB fan, great to blow some cool air over you in your tent.

Then there's the plug in 12V shower, are we camping or Glamping, now come on really?

Oh and how about taking those great memory shots of your camping holiday, from 120M up in the AIR. Backpacking, don't worry the DJI Mavic Pro folds up and fits in your backpack. And if you're worried about your phone going flat or being left in the dark, just recharge it all from your 120W fold up Solar panels. Did I mention Glamping?

And don't worry if you're out of mobile range, you just might be able to bounce the signal from your GME 5W UHF of the nearest repeater.

And where do you get all these goodies, well look no further than Exact Computers & Home Entertainment. We've got all your CAMPING? Covered, REALLY at a computer shop?

Exact Computers, not just a computer shop. J

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Saturday, 18 August 2018