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He Forgot To Pay!!

He Forgot To Pay!!

I've had the shop in South St for 16 Years, and over this time, I have added camera after camera, to make sure that my customers don't forget to pay, it's a sad thing that we have to do this, but some people's memories are terrible, going back a few years we went through 4 months of forgetful people, 1 every month, so we put a screen at the front door showing that we had camera's, this seems to have worked as the number of forgetful people dropped right off. But we have moved the shop around again and the screen is now off to the side, not right at the door, and people are forgetting again.

Now, with the over use of social media these days, these forgetful people also aren't really smart, because if they do get their mug on a camera, it will be posted for all to see within a few minutes of them doing it, and someone will recognise them, so why do they still do it? Maybe a society that believes that the world owes them, I'm not sure but it really bugs me, one reason why I have more camera's than I really need, and they have probably cost me more than I have saved, but I just love to catch these forgetful people.

So a good camera system for retail, is usually made up of a screen that shows they are being recorded, lots of signs to tell them, and camera's that will show areas of the shop that they will try to help themselves, also don't forget to have a good camera showing the face of the person, maybe as they enter or leave the store.

Also an important thing is to be keeping an eye on them as they wander through the store, so have a screen somewhere where you can watch it while you are letting them browse, this is not easy if you are single worker in a small store.

Good footage is invaluable to the Police, and remember even if you caught the forgetful person, and got your goods back, the Police should be informed, as the person may go straight from your store to the next, so you could be helping a lot of other business's.

More and more people are putting camera systems in at home, and with the cost starting at about $349 for a 4 camera basic kit that you can install yourself, why wouldn't you.

So if you see something in a store or someone's yard and you want it, make an offer on it, ask them where they got it, then save up and buy your own, that's most likely what they had to do, just don't take it and forget to pay, or you may well become famous very quickly, and have a nice policeman come for a visit.

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Saturday, 18 August 2018