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Notebooks have changed so much over the years and now there are a heap of different forms to add to the broad term, but the most confusing thing is how much difference in price there is with laptops that appear the same on paper, let try to explain why.

Laptops are made up of Screen, keyboard, RAM, mainboard, CPU, Hard Drive, DVD, and some other things like Wi-Fi modules, Bluetooth etc. so when you buy one you would think if you compare all the major components it would be easy to work out which one to buy, but as usual, all things are not created equal.

The quality of the basic components is where it all varies, the chassis (which is the core it is built around or the frame) some are plastic, some are aluminium, some are titanium, then we have the mainboard, the differences here can be huge, in features and quality, the other components don't vary that much the CPU is either Intel or AMD, I prefer Intel, the RAM is usually standard. Then we have the screens, there are many resolutions, from 1366 X 768 up to Apples Retina at 2880 X 1800 which is super high, also business notebooks usually have a matt screen and consumer a gloss, the gloss I find gives a lot of reflection, but looks better in retail stores.

Then we have the hard drive, do you go for storage size which is a traditional hard drive or go for speed and power savings with a Solid State drive. Do you go for on-board graphics or a dedicated graphics card? This is a big one, many people buy the biggest and the best as that is what the salesman said was better, then after a few years it blows up because they didn't keep it clean and the biggest and best just ran hotter and died, do you buy a modified V8 to pick up your groceries, you are better off with a smaller nimble and economical vehicle, do you buy a 4 cylinder to tow a boat? You have to buy a machine that is matched to your needs, and how does the salesman know what you need if he doesn't ASK you and discuss it with you, and if you really aren't sure it comes down to good communication to work it out.

So which one is right for you, I don't know, but if you drop in and have a chat either myself or one of my staff will have a chat and work it out, and then look after your needs in the future as well.

HP Business Grade Notebook
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Saturday, 18 August 2018