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Pokémon Go!!!

Pokémon Go!!!

Everything that is old is new again!!I used to watch this cartoon in the mornings when my kids were growing up, and now someone has made it into a game app, and it's not bad, it gets people and kids out of the house and socializing, well the 2016 version of socializing, they still have their heads in their phones. There is the danger of getting run over or crashing their car, as in most activities, if you don't take safety measures, or follow the rules, they can be dangerous.

The other side effect is the Memes, just reading and watching some people's creativity is entertaining, some negative, and there always is, is that some unscrupulous people, and downright mongrels, are using the game to lure people to an area so that they can attack them, it seems that no matter what we create or make, someone will see the opportunity to use it for evil.

One side effect that I am trying to capitalize on is that having your phone on all the time means that your battery will be flat very quickly, so I have turned my shop into a charge station, and we sell many types and capacities of battery boosters, these are all similar, but not the same, they vary greatly in the capacity, quality of the battery cells, and the output (which effects the speed of charge), so buying the cheapest brand with the highest capacity, isn't the answer.

These battery boosters, are great for everyday as more and more phones and tablets don't have easily replaceable batteries, and as we use out devices more often we are getting halfway through the day and going flat, now you can simply reach into your pocket plug in the battery, and your charging again, some of the good ones will charge a new phone to 75% in under 30min.

So now off to 10 South St to set a lure, and get some rare Pokémon, I'll post to our Facebook page so that everyone can come and join in, maybe I'll see you there.

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Saturday, 18 August 2018