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Quads, Drones, UAV’s, Remote controlled flying vehicles.

Quads, Drones, UAV’s, Remote controlled flying vehicles.

These machines are amazing, the speed at which they have matured, and the things that people are finding to use them for blows my mind.

I have played around with a few of these, and they can be so much fun, but the differences are so many that most people can't understand why one is $99 at the supermarket and another that looks similar is thousands of dollars. It all comes down to the brains inside, how smart it is, the cheap ones have four motors and throttles that vary the speed, and then add a gyroscope to stabilize, these are the toys, then you add a GPS, this allows the drone to maintain its position even with wind around, and return to you when the battery is going flat, they can even land themselves.

Now we move up to the new models that have crash avoidance sensors, so they will go around or stop before hitting an object, they can even track you, so if you are moving it will follow you and keep videoing you, great for sports and family videos. Some like the DJI Phantom 4 allow you to pre plot your course, setting height direction and camera orientation so that you can let it go out and monitor your fence line, or check on your cattle in the paddock, while you monitor it on your tablet. and with the 4K camera's the clarity is amazing.

There are so many uses these can be used by famers, fire fighters, SES, the Police so many other uses probably not even thought of yet.

There are also so many brands, so which do you choose, well like most things availability of parts, and backup service, add-ons and upgrades, also if it looks too cheap, then there is usually a reason, the electronics are quite complex, and if a company takes shortcuts the unit will be unstable, also simple things like battery quality can make a big difference in price, who has ever brought a cheap EBay battery for they notebook, only to find it lasts a few weeks, not cheap anymore!!

If you want any more information, or you are interested in a demo, drop in and check out our range.

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Saturday, 18 August 2018