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Thank You - Cruise for Karen 2017

Thank You - Cruise for Karen 2017

Well it's been a few weeks since we held the second Cruise for Karen, and the wrap up is,

We got better at some things, and got a few things wrong, but overall we still look like banking $6500.00, so pretty happy with that. The went really well, although it turns out while mother's day was a nice dedication to Karen as a mother, it wasn't as great for a car event, with the overall consent that we would get more attending on another day, also earlier in the year when it is hotter would help with drink sales.

A huge thank you goes out to the people who volunteered, helping with the BBQ, selling raffle tickets, and setting up and cleaning up, without you this event would not be possible, also to the people who did the jumping castles, face painting, hair colouring, meat, bread and salads, once again you looked after us with special pricing. Also a special mention to all the media that helped us promote the event, Prime News, Win News, 2AY Radio, ABC Radio, The Border Mail, and the Wangaratta Chronical, plus others that I may not have seen, without your help I'm sure we would have had less attendees.

And a special thanks to all the Car and bike lovers for bring out their prides and joys for us to look at and drool over, there were some beautiful cars and bikes, and you could see so many proud owners.

Looking forward to next year, I think we will go back to a date near the end of March start of April, and we will start organising earlier, we are organising a committee of a few people who have been a great help over the last 2 events, so that we can do even better next year.

After all the day is all about us enjoying our prides and joy, but while we are doing that we will raise a few dollars to help with Karen's children's upbringing. So as long as we are having fun, and raising some money, that's all that matters.

I look forward to seeing you all there next year for another for the "Cruise for Karen 2018"

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Cruise For Karen 2017

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Saturday, 18 August 2018