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Windows 10 Free Upgrade

Windows 10 Free Upgrade

Should I or shouldn't I, that is the question I'm sure Macbeth would have asked if he was alive today.

Would he go to 10 for free, and maybe have problems, or stick with what he knows to write his prose?

We have 3 days left to decide, so what is the advantages and disadvantages, as I see them.


1 New Operating system – it will be current for quite a few years.

2 It is faster on most hardware

3 If you're going from 7 you get the app store

4 When you log on using your Microsoft account, a lot of your apps follow you.

5 Better power management

6 Cortana Voice assistant.


1 Your computer and software could be not properly compatible, and you could have to spend hundreds of dollars      getting it fixed. (worse case)

2 You will have 2-3 weeks at least of having to get to know where everything is.\

3 No Media Centre – if you used it.

4 No free DVD playing software included

5 By default if updates automatically, and via shared mesh system, allows others to get their updates through you.      (Can be a problem if you are on a small data cap.)

6 The new browser EDGE is a lot different, home button is hidden by default, some pages don't work, as no plugins    available.

Given time with windows 10 I have found it to be a very good Operating system. Like most Operating systems it is best installed fresh instead of an upgrade, mainly because an upgrade brings across all of your problems from your old OS, even the ones you didn't know you had.

So should you or shouldn't you.Well sorry that is up to you. If your computer is old and you were getting ready for a new one, then don't bother, or if you run old software stick to what you know. But if you love playing with new things, and getting to know new ways of doing things, then go for it.

Remember a good computer repairer can always fix it if it goes pair shaped. 

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Saturday, 18 August 2018